Exploring the Mica Frontier

With Game-Changing methods



Rexomorph is the best source for high quality Mica in Nigeria. We are a customer-driven manufacturer of Mica, committed to providing the highest quality, highest value, at attractive prices. We understand our customers requirements and demands, so we implore innovative methods to facilitate the way our products are processed and distributed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set new standards for measuring the quality of Mica exported from Nigeria.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set Nigeria as a leader in the global market;  to be the most consistent and preferred mica exporter from Nigeria

Our Products

We believe in offering the best possible product; so we employ ethical mining practices, and process our products under the highest possible standards of quality.

As a responsible company

We take a holistic approach to producing high quality Mica. This includes Mine background checks, responsible purchasing practices, supporting the local community, and forest conservation programs. We do not trade with mines, who employ child laborers, abuse the rights of children or the people of the local community. When we employ such methods, we foster a better future for the locals, and a more stable climate for the earth.