Holistic Methods

Designed to attain high quality output


The Process

The process

The Rexomorph Standard

While you may have had or likely will have a bad experience dealing with a majority of other mica exporters from Nigeria, You will NEVER have to worry about quality, when you deal with Us; because we put in a lot of work, and there are several quality check and control methods in place, to make sure what departs from the Nigerian Port with our name on it, can only put smiles on the faces of our clients.

Client Involvement

We put in a great deal of efforts to make sure we surpass our clients’ expectations. Our clients are given the opportunity to be actively involved in the production process; via periodic video calls, until a mutually satisfying standard is achieved.

Infallible Mark of Quality

It takes a lot of courage, and trust in a process to give the kind of assurance we’ll give you. That is because we spend more time on quality checks, than we do in processing the products. Each individual PP bag of Mica, has its own mark of quality to prove that it passed the most rigorous quality checks.  


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